Case Study – Homestay Network Australia

We are going to carry out series of case study based on our client’s story. Hopefully you will learn branding strategy using these case studies.

Our first client story is from Homestay Network Australia ( Kelly Chan, the founder of Homestay Network Australia created the site a couple of years ago. As she states: “Reason I want to create this website is to provide a platform for me and all other people to share their homestay stories. Also  this website is a great tool for comparing homestay prices. When I was looking for homestay, I had to go through a lot of websites to compare homestay price, which is very time consuming. That’s why I created this website. Price is just one thing but other things like how to get along with students or host family is also an important part. You will learn from this site as well.”

Kelly’s branding goal is very clear: target international students and aussie families who want to become host.  She has the passion to help out people regarding to this issue due to she used to be a homestay student, which is great help for her to keep this site going.

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